The games we love to play together.

Well, put a team together to play a board game is not always an easy thing to do. In the evening after a hard day many of us prefer to stay with their family. Only when the kids are already sleeping the time comes for some board games. There are games initially designed for many players, but some of them are perfectly played two together. I’ll tell you about the ones we do like to play.

10. Kanagawa

A simple but interesting game with beautiful art and quite decent variability.

9. Caverna Cave vs. Cave

The younger sister of a Caverna: The Cave Farmers. A duel of two dwarf clans for the domination under the mountain. Perfectly balanced like all the games from Uwe Rosenberg.

8. Yamatai

Another game from Bruno Cathala. With very simple game mechanics, it gives a really crazy opportunity to combine different moves. However, sometimes it leads to a rather long downtime.

7. Jaipur

Classic game for two. Simple rules, simple gameplay, but becoming the king of merchants is not so easy!

6. Caylus

Due to the complexity of the rules, our friends refuse to play it. What a shame! It is chic and has great opportunities to choose different strategies.

5. Imperial Settlers

Like Caylus this game is designed for many players, but it scales well and it is equally fun to play this game together. In the core game you can choose one of four nations and build your empire. Game authors regularly release add-ons.


We love to play this game when it’s cold outside! Simple rules and an unusual theme allow me to play it even with my granny!

3. Azul

We bought Azul not so long ago and fell in love with this game at once. It is incredibly beautiful and interesting. Everything in Azul is so precisely adjusted and I simply cannot imagine how the authors balanced it!


Splendor is our lifelong love, we play this game at any free moment. Playing it two together is no less interesting than with many players.

1. 7 Wonders – Duel

Well, the undisputed leader of our fights for two – 7 Wonders Duel. There are so many possibilities in this game that even after several years of playing it we still continue to find something new for ourselves!