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Yaroslav created his first game when he was 10 years old. Back then in Soviet Union children did not know what good games were. There was only Monopoly and its clones that ruled the day. In Yaroslav’s game called “Enchanted realm” players traveled within the checkered playing field, pulled cards and fought monsters by rolling the dice. Yaroslav’s friends were lining up to play the game. Following the first one, another game was created , humbly named ‘Mafia and you’. While behind the “iron curtain” they had no idea about tabletop RPG’s, the young game designer all by his own embodied an idea of Game Master. Players were moving around the city, but when they entered a building, the Game Master lead them by asking about their actions and rolling the dice to see how successful they were. This game became popular in the young designer’s circle. But then the tough times of Perestoika began, Yaroslav’s family was going through the change, he entered a university and forgot about board games. For quite a long time.

 Yaroslav got reacquainted with board games when he’s been already married. Business and daily routine were taking lots of time, so he wanted to spend leisure time communicating with his family in the evenings, and not sitting in front of computer screen. To brighten up the evenings they bought a board game. All of a sudden, the world of board games opened up to Yaroslav again. It turned out that this world has never disappeared, never vanished under the pressure of videos and mobile entertainment. On the contrary, it developed rapidly, gaining new fans and pleasing them with novelties every year.

So Yaroslav and his wife Marina were enchanted. A formidable collection of games formed pretty fast at their home, and evenings stopped being a total yawn. The more they played, the more Yaroslav realized that he could create his own games. This idea took over his mind entirely, and he decided to devote his life to it. That’s how Wee Robin Games company was created.

Our guiding principles:

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Our Team

Yaroslav Dudin

He gets hundreds of ideas daily. Some of them are already or will be translated into gorgeous board games. He never disregards any tiny detail, even the most insignificant one, because of his natural perfectionism and attention to details.

Marina Kalashnikov

She has been owning a successful business for years. Thanks to this she gained formidable experience in concluding deals, financial management, and interaction with business associates. All that knowledge she uses in managing our company as well. It helps us to make our games as attractive to our customers as possible both in terms of price and quality of components.

Liz Hokoeva

Her incredible imagination is embodied in her works. For a long time she didn’t know about her talent, and only when her husband opened her eyes, she took pencil and brush and realized her vocation. Look at how juicy and attractive her works are. How much humor, life and emotions there is!